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Choose your own CaveVenture is a crossbreed roguelike dungeon crawl dropping the player in the depths of an unknown cave with only one goal: Find a way out, or perish in the attempt. The game marries the concept of a randomized dungeon and emergent adventures with the principles of choose your own adventure-books: The world is that of a classic roguelike but seen through a text description that offers you all options of what you can do in any given situation.

Simple game play, deep mechanics and a mysterious cave full of monsters, mystical treasure and enigmatic shrines. Can you get to the exit alive or will this place be your tomb?

Newest additions: Key configuration, rest until something happens, monster health status messages, highly experimental Linux version

Current beta of the game features:

-Six floors of procedurally generated cave.

-Many different monsters, each with their own behavior.

-Weapons, potions and amulets with mystery-effects.

-Interactive features in the cave that can be both helpful and dangerous.

-Quick roguelike gameplay: Beat the game in your coffee-break or experience permadeath.

Some tips for beginners:
-Some monsters will chase you down, others won't. Learn which does what.
-Expect to die a lot. This is about learning.
-Use your surroundings to your advantage. Monsters have different sizes that affect how well they can traverse passages and how you can interact with them in some special rooms.
-Stay hydrated.
-Run away!
-The cave is likely much smaller than you think – draw a map.

Install instructions

This game is currently in beta, so if things don't work as they should please contact me as per the instructions in the readme.txt. To play Choose your own CaveVenture, simply download and extract the files into a folder of your choice. We now feature separate downloadable files for Windows and 64-bit-Linux machines.


CyoCV_1.1win.zip 1 MB
CyoCV_1.1linux_64.zip 1 MB

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