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Welcome to Low Res Dungeoneer. This game was made for the #LowRezJam2016, which had the limitation of it being only 64 by 64 pixels in resolution.

How to play:

On the overview screen you can click tiles ajdacent to your character (the smiley) in order to move there. If you happen on a treasure chest (the chests), you can pick up an item by clicking on the INT-button on the bottom. If you get to the stairs to the next level, klicking on INT will get you to the next floor. Traps hurt you and walls are impassable. Clicking on EXM and then on a tile will yield informatons on what is there. Clicking on STT gets you your inventory and your status. You can use and equip items by clicking use and then the respective item. You can also drop items or get more informations on them. Your carrying capacity is limited but, just like your maximum health, grows with each level you delve deeper.

When you happen upon a monster, you get a fight-screen. Click attack and you and the monster will each attack once. You can see your health bars underneath the respective animatons. Hitting run will get you to a random adjacend square but the monster will get one last attack of opportunity. This may have you end up in another monster or trap. Clicking USE you can drink a potion during combat to heal up - if you have one.

Your goal is to defeat the dragon on Level 13 and end its reign of terror.

"I wish I knew what I was doing." - Jupiter Hadley, YouTuber


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